Aliwan Fiesta 2019

Aliwan Fiesta 2019

There’s a festival which the mother of all and happens every year in the Philippines where dancers enter into fierce competitions. A one million Philippines peso grand prize; coupled with the crown title are the main incentives, though the Manila fiesta is packed with cultural and ethnic annotations as well as national pride.  Dancing and strutting all the best stuff on the street and stage; the Aliwan festival involves floats, the Reyna and Tugtog. 

The Aliwan Fiesta and its Significance in the Philippines:

This is a project that involves Center for Philippines Culture, Star City and the Manila Broadcasting Company.  Other stakeholders such as the cities of Pasay and Manila, as well as private and other non-governmental organizations help to make the city of Manila a meeting place for all the annual festivities that happen on the islands. In the sense of fair competition, participants of the Aliwan fiesta dances and competitions are drawn from all over the country. 

Two representatives plus one beauty queen from each administrative province are put forward to represent their respective regions. Between April 26th and the 28th of this year, entertainment in Manila, Philippines goes grassroots. An explosion of color, music, creative cultural symbolism and abject celebration overwhelms the city’s streets. Champions of the numerous festivals that happen all over the Java Sea Islands converge into one central arena.

In keeping with today’s entertainment demands, the Aliwan Fiesta proves the transformation of the Pilipino uncanny calendar of festivities reinvented.

Competition and Dance Participants for the Aliwan Fiesta 2019:

There are 17 contingents all signed up and ready to participate in the Reyna and other dance competitions at the Aliwan Fiesta 2019. These representatives include those that attended the Panagbenga festival of the Cordillera Administrative Region in the city of Baguio. Particularly the dancing troupes come from the Abrenian Kawan and Benguet festivals in Bangued city of Abra. 

The Pandan festival of Pangasinan Province held in the city of Mapandan with the Luna, Isabela Bato Art festival will be representing region one and two respectively. The third region is made up of entries from the Festival of Halaman in Guiguinto; and the Bulacan Republica fiesta that happens in Malolos. The Bacoor Bakood and Cavite fiestas with the Antimonan Tugultol festivals; the Rodriguez Rizal Dumagat and Niyogyugan festivals make up representatives for the fourth region.

The fifth region is presented by participants of the Pangumagat festival which comes with the people from Balud in Masbate. Ilonggo pride for the Guimaras Manggahan festival and the antique Binirayan fiesta carry the day for region six together with the Dinagyang festival of Iloilo. The eighth region showcases the Burauen, Leyte based Kasadyaan festival. The final region representatives display the splendors of the Inaul and Meguyaya Festivals from Datu Piang and Upi in Maguindanao. 

Aliwan Fiesta 2019 Schedule of Activities:

The grandest and most involving of all Pilipino annual festivals are slated to this April in Manila. Hosted by the Manila Broadcasting Company, the Aliwan festival incorporates hot and creatively unfolding activities for three entire days. Starting from the 26th of April, the Fiesta is set to commence at the Philippines cultural center in Pasay city, and culminate on the 28th. The cultural extravaganza and boisterous competition that is characteristic of the Aliwan Fiesta promises to be more explosive this year. 

The highlighted activities include the search for Reyna, street beauty queen pageants, float parades, and dance competitions. Aliw Outdoor Stage hosts the ladies that will vie for the festival queen title. Taking place on the 27th of April, this event will be a 96.3 FM Easy Rock’s DJ Nick and 101.1 FM Yes The Best’s Raki Terra hosting with Ronnie Alonte and TJ Monterde gracing the event as special guests. 

The grand street dancing parade will start at the grandstand in Quirino on April 28 soon after 3.00 pm. When this congruency of festivities reaches the CCP complex at the Aliw Theatre, the award ceremonies will be instituted. Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala of love radio 90.7 FM will host the awarding event with exceptional performances by guest musicians; Ebe Dancel and Gloc 9. 

The Previous Year’s Aliwan Festivities:

Last year’s fiesta, which kicked off on the same date featured initiatives for inter-town trade along Sotto Street after the Shopper’s Bazaar was opened. The bands then took to the stage from 6 in the evening which featured concerts and computational variety stage showcases. At the star theatre, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s World Service has a live program recording of their ‘arts and tours hour in Manila’ segment.

The festival competitions champions for last year included the Kasadyaan festival participants from the Burauen based Tribu Buraburon from Leyte. This team also got the best prize in music while the runners-up position was taken by the Manggahan festival which also won the best costume design. The Iloilo Dinagyang Tribu Panayonan festival came third with the Meguyaya and Binirayan fiestas taking 4th and 5th respectively. 

Why visit the Aliwan Fiesta 2019?

A feast for the senses, the Aliwan fiesta 2019 welcomes professional or amateur photographers for the photo competition. The deadline for submissions as a participant however elapsed on May 4th at 5.00 pm. The unique sights and sounds of this gigantic fiesta are to be seen to believe, and visitors flock the Pilipino city of Manila to experience a treat of all the annual festivals combined.

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