Bangus Festival in Dagupan

Bangus Festival in Dagupan

The Bangus festival is celebrated in the city of Dagupan annually. The celebrations are centered on the appreciation of the city’s rich milkfish aquaculture production. Other subsidiary things highlighted in the event include trade fairs, selected sports events, and street parties. The annual event is held on the 14th day of April. What is the origin of the festival? How many days does the event last? What are some benefits of the events? Who can celebrate and what is the cultural significance of the festival to people of Dagupan city? There’s more to the Bangus festival than just merrymaking. 

The Origin of the Bangus Festival 

In the beginning, the Bangus festival started as an idea. It started from a visionary who saw the business opportunity as the perfect chance to link up Bangus with the Pista’y Dayat. Pista’y Dayat is a festival that is celebrated in the first two weeks of April. 

Pista’y Dayat by itself is a world attraction festival; a thanksgiving festival meant to thank the sea. The Bangus popularity was further propagated by the remarkable transcendence of the Pista’y Dayat that attracts tourist from all over the world. Mayor Benjamin S. Lim was responsible for putting the whole scheme to practice. He transformed the revelry that comes with the celebration of the Pista’y Dayat as a vehicle to promote his local industry, the Bangus industry.

The Cultural Significance of the Bangus Festival

Among other benefits, the Bangus festival has gone on to make the city the capital of the Bangus industry in the world. What started as a minor part of the Pista’y Dayat festival has become a nine-day thanksgiving and socioeconomic program that has over the years improved the administration of Dagupan city. 

With the help of, the city administration, the civic and religious groups, barangay council, educational units and most importantly the businessmen and other professional groups, the idea has been sound since 2002. Since then it has become an intercommunal festival where locals of inland Pangasinan towns stream in to watch the water activities and sports. 

Activities Featured at the Bangus Festival

The event has improved the connection of the locals and their Pangasineses’ culture especially regarding music, arts, and dances. According to the governor, it focuses on nurturing the development of sports events and revitalizing the arts and sports culture. In the course of the event, the river Agno is graced by colorful water vessels. The vessels come in to appreciate the improvement of the river (Banca Parada). The Agno is notably the largest Philippine River in terms of water discharge. 

Over the years environmental appreciation and the importance of the natural habitat have become a crucial element of the culture. As such the festival highlights the Konsyerto sa Gulpo, an environmental preservation campaign upcoming bands are given a chance to sing about environmental awareness.

Other Cultural Activities 

Some of the cultural activities that are featured in the Bangus festival are a representation of the Philippines culture as a whole. Who doesn’t love the Philippines boxing bouts or kite flying? The Bangus festival has become a home to the Grand Orchestral Showdown; dance troupes and street dancing competitions grace the event periodically in the span of the festival. There is barely any festival in the world where singing would not be welcomed. From solo singing competitions from locals to vocal competitions, music actualizes the highpoint of the festival. 

Why is the Bangus Festival famous? 

The Philippines culture as a whole is fascinating. The Bangus festival is a mere representation of their culture. Moreover, the festival features their indigenous products which makes it the perfect chance to enjoy the Philippines culture firsthand. What’s more, there are the trade and tourism fairs makes it even more interesting. The food and garden fairs make the whole event all the more interesting. 

Trade and tourism expos have helped the Bangus festival garner followers from all over the world. People from across the globe have started appreciating the festival and anticipate the same each year. The Limgas and Dayat beauty and brain search, kite flying competitions, art exhibits, shooting festival, boat painting, and sculpting completion make the whole event livelier. 

A series of Events

The last thing you want is to feel left out. Contrary to what most people think the Bangus festival is an all-inclusive festival that welcomes every guest. More visitors continue to grace the event making Dagupan one of the tourist hotspots in the world. It was not so long ago when the Bagus festival featured a bid for the world’s longest barbeque, and they did not fail to impress. 

The Dagupan City etched its name in the Guinness world records book in the Bangus festival. Along with the numerous activities making Bangus festival a success, one thing comes out on top the inspiration and love for their lifestyle and culture witnessed from the Dagupenos.

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