How COVID-19 Pandemic Affects the Event Supplier and Event Venue in the Philippines?

How COVID-19 Pandemic Affects the Event Supplier and Event Venue in the Philippines?

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly paused many economic activities in a blink of an eye, and list of event suppliers and event venues in the Philippines have no exemption.

The impacts of the pandemic on the events industry along are too massive. It has to cope with social distancing and many things with the new normal. Whenever COVID-19 cases increase, venues for events, restaurants, accommodation or car rental will receive postponements or cancellations. Events that may have already been booked in a hotel need to deal with those issues. 

The lack of economic activities also forced the industry to do cost-cutting measures. Businesses relying on travel transportation, for example, have to minimize their usual budget allocation or find alternative sources of income. Convention centers management also thinks of ways to reduce running the facilities. Plus, behind this industry are thousands of employees that have been forced into underemployment or job loss. 

How Are They Started to Recover?

Physical event service providers have started redirecting their operations towards online events. They utilize digital platforms to cope with the pandemic’s negative impacts. That is especially useful since conducting brick-and-mortar events is expected to take a while with the right safety protocols.

The events industry focuses on online events using public engagement through interactive events. Behind the online events is the idea of not replacing the typical face-to-face interactions. Instead, online events should serve as a new, innovative platform helping participants to stay updated and informed on relevant content.

What Are the Government Rules and Guidelines for New Normal?

Antipolo City, Philippines – May 5, 2020: Police car with signage advising people to stay at home patrols the streets during the Covid 19 virus outbreak.

Here are some government rules and guidelines for new normal that everyone must observe:

Guest Handling in Event Venues

Upon check-in, guests must complete the health declaration form. Trained hotel personnel or medical or health staff must check the guests’ body temperature using a thermal scanner at the entrances. Respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, and physical distancing measures must be strictly observed when handling guests during the check-in process. Online payment is also encouraged upon booking.

Food and Beverage Service 

Proper hygiene must be strictly observed in the dining areas and F&B personnel. Guests should be reminded to disinfect their hands upon entering and leaving the vicinity. The restaurant personnel must serve beverages and foods, and self-service stations for guests are highly discouraged. Function venues must accept limited capacities to promote physical distancing and must be disinfected during break times or after meetings and events.

Toilets and Restrooms 

Adequate toilet paper towels, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and supply of soaps in the restrooms must be ensured. Toilet flushing and hand-washing facilities must have adequate clean water supply and be functional at all times. Toilets and restrooms must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly at least every two hours. 

Final Thoughts 

The impacts of the ongoing pandemic on the event suppliers, events venue, or events industry in the Philippines should be taken seriously. While these impacts have entirely changed the operations, many renewed methods will keep the industry afloat during the so-called new normal.

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