25 Mushrooms Kitchen

25 Mushrooms Kitchen

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Established in 2009, Sari Jorge’s 25 Mushrooms Kitchen is a modern cooking school and catering company. Not only does it cater special occasions, corporate parties, and other events, it also offers specialized intimate dinners right at its space in Valle Verde. 25 Mushrooms’ team of professionals will take care of everything from food down to the set-up including tables, chairs, linens, glassware, silverware, and china.

25 Mushrooms Kitchen was created with the vision of training househelp to be confident in the kitchen so that they may have the ability to prepare tasty and well-balanced meals for families.

Having had the same set of househelp for the past 10 years and having had 12 years of catering experience, Sari Jorge has thought of opening her kitchen to train househelp in cooking and kitchen management. The idea of having cooking classes for househelp came from the numerous requests coming from her family and friends for her to train their househelp. She would often receive praises from these people for the delicious food served and the efficient service provided by their househelp when hosting a party at their residences. Having worked in Catalina Canyon Hotel, Avalon CA as a restaurant manager and having been exposed to her family’s catering business at a very young age, she has developed a skill of preparing food for a wide range of costumer demands. Her passion for food has led her to attend numerous cooking classes both locally and abroad.

The recipes used at the cooking classes come from her family’s catering business’ most requested dishes and recipes compiled from her cooking classes. Together with her catering chefs for 15 years, they conduct the demonstration of the classes in a way that any househelp will surely understand.

25 Mushrooms Kitchen offers two main courses: The Basic Cooking Course and the Advanced Cooking course. The basic cooking course is ideal for helpers who have little or no experience in cooking. Its course outline consists of one-day cooking classes focused on a particular cuisine. The advanced cooking course offers a more sophisticated menu aimed to provide party menus for people who enjoy entertaining at home.

The school’s main objective is to make sure that the helpers learn the basic cooking methods the proper way and to be familiarized with various recipes from a particular country. They will also gain exposure to the different kinds of ingredients used in cooking these varied dishes. Most importantly, they will gain the confidence that they need while working in the kitchen.

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