How to transform your event venue into something amazing.

How to transform your event venue into something amazing.

Revamping an event is only hard when you’re goal oriented. When you’re trying to achieve perfection, you put up too much pressure on yourself. Don’t we all know that pressure and event planning don’t blend well. We’ll share a few pro tips. We learn new things every day. Hopefully, you’ll master a new decoration concept.

Day in day out we have lots of events happening around us. Be it a birthday party, a graduation, a wedding or any other event that you may think of. The first thing that comes up in one’s mind in the mention of the word event is the venue. For an event to flourish, the venue has to be well organized and graceful. Some people prefer leaving all this to the event planner while others love getting their hands dirty. In this post, we’ll share a few tips on how you’d transform your event venue into an elegant one.

Create smaller ‘rooms’ within the venue.

This is more practical in large event spaces. In this case, the best way to make it look amazing is dividing the large space into smaller rooms or rather smaller spaces. An easy way of doing this is by introducing smaller sets of tables; preferably tables of 5.

 This is even an advantage to your attendees as they get to share a personal seating during the event. You can as well use rags to make a smaller space of the room. This makes staying in the event cosier. In smaller spaces, your guests won’t feel cramped in one big space. We call this “adding breathing space”

Use appropriate lighting

For events such as weddings; soft and colourful lighting in ballrooms creates an ambient mood of love and romance. Use candles on every table instead of just having bright overhead bulbs. Fairy or string lights can be really good ion setting a mood as well. Just be sure to distribute them evenly around the whole place. Torches, fire pits and lanterns can be a smart addition too.

For events concert events, a more rough and dramatic lighting is most appropriate. Lighting that casts rainbow colours around the venue is awesome. For maximum effect, try spotlighting the whole place.

Choose an appropriate theme

Checkout one balloon store and let them know your event’s theme colours. What do you want to achieve? If you want the venue to turn into a crazy one, go for a strong theme and carry it around the whole reception space. Ensure the décor is made uniform and everything matches. A good example would be an Asian theme. To achieve this theme, hand a few red lanterns and put a few some exotic flowers, tall ones preferably. You can have some gold accents as well.

For an autumn theme, try to depict fall foliage and apply some autumn hues.

Try bringing in the outdoors.

In as much as almost everything revolves around technology, it’s important having a touch of nature in your venue. Try incorporating green flowers or carefully picked green leaves. Collaborate with a local florist. If it’s possible, let them bring in a few small trees on the tables. This will add a green touch to your venue perhaps radiating the positive energy typical of gardens.

In a nutshell, keep the place clean and organized. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

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