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the T’nalak Festival celebrates South Cotabato’s annual Foundation Day anniversary held in mid-July

The T’nalak Festival

Also called the Tinalak Fiesta, the T’nalak Festival celebrates South Cotabato’s annual Foundation Day anniversary

held in


Koronadal City

is the hub of activities for the festival, and the local T’boli

tribe of this region gave it the name T’nalak. This is derived from a colorful piece of abaca fabric cloth that their women


known as a T’nalak, which is the festivals motif.


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Aliwan Fiesta 2019

There’s a festival which the mother of all and happens every year in the Philippines where dancers enter into fierce competitions. A one million Philippines peso grand prize; coupled with the crown title are the main incentives, though the Manila fiesta is packed with cultural and ethnic annotations as well as national pride.

Dancing and strutting all the best stuff on the street and stage; the Aliwan festival involves floats, the Reyna and Tugtog.

The Aliwan Fiesta

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Pateros Balut sa Puti Festival

If you’ve been to Asia specifically the Philippines, then you’ve probably heard of the Balut delicacy. An early morning or evening laying in your bed and you hear a vendor shouting “baloot! baloot!” this is the first experience most visitors and some locals have with the delicacy. What is Balut and what makes the aphrodisiac so special that it gets a whole festival to it name.


and Its Significance to Filipinos Balut

is a common dish in Asia where

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The Bangus Festival

The Bangus festival is celebrated in the city of Dagupan annually. The celebrations are centered on the appreciation of the city’s rich milkfish aquaculture production. Other subsidiary things highlighted in the event include trade fairs, selected sports events, and street parties. The annual event is held on the 14th day of April. What is the origin of the festival? How many days does the event last? What are some benefits of the events? Who can celebrate and what is the cultural significance

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Moriones Festival

During the holy week in Marinduque, the island shaped like a heart; a joyous festival happens simultaneously in all the towns in this province of the Philippines. A religious festival, ingrained with culture; the Moriones festival is a week full of colorful processions and holy aplomb. Running from 14th to the 21st, the Salubong; which is the activity that culminates the festivities will take place alongside mass. The Moriones festival is a rite of penance relating to the death and crucifixion

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Panagbenga Festival

Panagbenga Festival 2019

Baguio city on Luzon Island in the Philippines comes alive with pomp and flowers throughout February, especially on weekends. The Panagbenga festival blooms the city in all manner of color and was formerly a two-week long event. Of late the Baguio flower festival has manifested into a five-week occurrence. Activities include parades, shows by bands, a Pony Boys Day and even a military homecoming. The opening ceremonies with the drum lyre competitions and eliminations happen on 1st February

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