Masbate’s 5 Hidden Wonders You Need to Discover this 2018

In the center of the Philippine archipelago lies the beautiful province of Masbate. As a coastal area, Masbate Province is blessed with pristine white beaches hidden in all its three major islands. And aside from these beaches, the province is also blessed with interesting culture and beautiful people.   Masbate Province is mainly composed of three beautiful underrated islands – Masbate, Ticao, and Burias. With one goal and heart, these three lovely islands with different sets of beauty will quench your thirst for pure, hidden, and untouched nature. Aside from these picturesque white beaches, Masbate will also surprise you with beautiful green pastures, breathtaking mountain ranges, hidden falls, and exciting culture and history.   If you are tired of visiting crowded places over and over again and wanting something new to explore, these five hidden Masbate gems should definitely be on your bucket list this 2017.  

1. Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary, Masbate City

This 250-hectare white sandbar located in the middle of Brgy. Mobo and Brgy. Nursery, Masbate’s seawaters will amaze you with its untouched beauty. With just 10-15 minutes boat ride from the shore of Brgy. Nursery, Masbate City, Buntod Sandbar will amaze you with its pristine water and fine white sand. This sandbar is also blessed with a rich mangrove plantation which serves to be the home of baby sharks during high tide. No need to worry as tour guides assures everyone that these baby sharks are very shy and would stay far away from you. After beach bumming and photo shoots, you can also try other activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and even bird watching.

2. Balangingi Island, Pio V. Corpus, Masbate

Same as Masbate City’s Buntod Sandbar, Balangingi Island is one of the marine sanctuaries in the province situated in the Municipality of Pio V. Corpuz. After a 3-4 hour land trip from Masbate City to Pio V. Corpuz, you can already hire a boat going to Balangingi Island which is under the maintenance of DENR. Just don’t forget to bring tents, drinking water, flashlights, and other overnight essentials as the place has no electricity and residents in the area are far from the island’s shore. Plus, never forget to make a campfire for your social night!
balangingi masbate
Photo by: Di Revil
If you and your friends just want to have fun and forget the city’s hustle and bustle, this secluded island can be your next favorite destination! Savor the moment and enjoy the serenity of the island’s magical and untouched beauty.  

3. Animasola Rock Formation, Burias, Masbate

Animasola Rock Formation is located in Burias, one of the three islands of Masbate Province. This island boasts various incomparable rock formations together with its pristine waters and white fine sand. What separate this island from the others are its distinct wavy rock striations that can also be seen even from afar! There are also a number of small rock formations around this small island that serves as a photo shoot haven for tourists who wants to go for a little climb and adventure. animasola masbate Present in the island as well are small, beautiful lagoons which is perfect for a sweet dip and a nice location for a number of camera clicks as well. Wink!  

4. Halea National Park, Monreal, Ticao Island, Masbate

This National Park in Ticao, Monreal, Masbate is not your ordinary beach destination as this includes beautiful untouched islands which are home to diverse underwater sceneries. Because of this, Halea National Park drives tourists from all over the globe to visit this secluded island which has various species in its ecosystem. This may be hidden but you can also enjoy some activities here like kayaking, diving, and snorkeling. You can also bring a tent and enjoy the rest of the night with a campfire while watching the sky full of stars. Did I mention that this national park is home to baby sharks as well?
Photo By: Roy Basas Jr.
These five hidden destinations in Masbate are just some of the many treasures yet to be discovered by you in Masbate Province. Masbate as a whole is far greater and interesting than the negative news in your television. It is not all about the politics. It’s more of the secluded white beaches, lovely sandbars, hidden waterfalls, rich culture, delicious food, and hospitable Masbatenos.  
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